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Made Fresh

We are dedicated in providing dishes of the highest quality and that’s why we always select and use the best and freshest ingridients.
We love creating and serving dishes using fresh and natural vegetables, a selection of high quality meats and fish, as well as the best pasta. We take pride in the quality of our ingridients so we can also take pride on the dishes we serve.


Traditional Greek Flavours

We create unique flavors and provide the extraordinary selection of the Greek cuisine. Using traditional ingridients and cooking methods we serve the genuine flavours of Greece.
Respecting the preferences of our customers, we compose dishes for all tastes, adapting them to the basis of tradition. We create dishes for vegetarians, vegans and any other category that requires special attention, taking care not to alter Greek cuisine, but to adapt it. Our selection of dishes is diverse and we guarantee that no matter your preferences you will always find a dish that suits your taste and needs.  


Delicious Cocktails

Sweet or sour, no matter what your taste is you can be sure that you we will be able to find it in our bar. Made by professional bartenders, our cocktails will give you one more reason to visit us time and time again.
Our cocktails are made on the spot, using proper dosage and fresh ingridients. You can also have your favorite cocktails  alcohol-free but always the flavour-full.

The Restaurant

Enjoy the comfortable environment and great atmosphere right across the beautiful Poole quay.
Try out our delicious traditional Greek cuisine and taste the mediteranean flavors, made with fresh ingridients
and cooked in the true Greek way. Let us take you to a journey through a variation of Greek dishes, with traditional recipes and  rich aromas from all around Greece. In every one of your visits in our establishment you will descover a new part of Greece.

The Bar

Hang out with a party of friends enjoying a cold draught beer, feel the breeze of the quay while you take a sip of a tasteful cocktail, converse with an associate while you slowly drink an Irish whiskey, have a nice evening with your date drinking a wine of our fine selection or pop a champagne in celebration of a great accomplishment.
No matter the occasion there’s always a reason to spend an evening in our bar area.

Restaurant Menu


English Breakfast
2 Fried Eggs, 2 Bacon Strips, Mushrooms, Baked Beans, Grilled Tomato, 2 Hash Browns, 1 English Sausage, Toast & Butter
£ 10.95
Kids' Breakfast
1 Fried Egg, Grilled Bacon, Beans, Toast, Hash Brown
£ 04.95
Greek Breakfast
1 Country Greek Sausage, Scrambled Eggs, Tomato, Halloumi Cheese, Baked Beans, Hummous Dip & Buttered Pitta
£ 10.95
Fresh Pastries
Croissant with Jam or a Slice of Ham & Cheese
£ 02.50
Vegetarian Breakfast
2 Vegetarian Sausages, Tomato, Hash Brown, Mushrooms, Avocado, Whole Meal Bread & Butter
£ 08.95
Toast & Butter
Eggs Benedict
1 English Muffin, Ham, Poached Eggs & Hollandaise Sauce
£ 08.95


Pita Bread
With Oregano & Olive Oil
£ 02.50
Marinated Mixed Kalamata Olives


Greek Salad
Green Pepper, Tomato, Cucumber, Olives, Red Onion, Greek Feta Cheese, Olive Oil & Oregano
£ 11.95
Halloumi Salad
Grilled Halloumi Cheese, Mixed Salad, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes & Lemon Dressing
£ 10.95
Grilled Chicken Salad
Iceberg Lettuce, Boiled Egg, Cherry Tomatoes, Bacon, Croutons, Chicken Brest Fillet & Parmesan
£ 12.95


Baked Feta
Greek Feta Cheese Cooked in Filo Pastry, Served with Honey & Sesame Seeds
£ 04.95
Nana's Meatballs
Meatballs with Rice & Rich Tomato Sauce
£ 05.95
Octopus with Santorinian Fava, Onion & Tomato
£ 08.95
Greek Vine Leaves, Stuffed with Rice & Herbs
£ 04.95
Prawns Saganaki
King Prawns in Tomato Sauce, Feta Cheese & Fresh Basil Leaves
£ 07.95
Greek Sausage with Coloured Peppers & Tomato Spice Sauce
£ 05.95
Grilled Halloumi
Grilled Cyprian Cheese, Served with Cherry Tomatoes, Rocket Salad & House Dressing
£ 04.95
Squid Calamari
Crispy Fried Coated Squid, Served with Aioli Sauce
£ 05.95
Corfu Mussels
Fresh Chilli, Lemon, Chunky Cheese, Tomato Sauce, Garlic & White Wine
£ 05.95
Zucchini Fritters with Feta Cheese & Herbs
£ 04.95
Garlic Mayo, Herbs, Lime Juice & Sauce
£ 05.95


Greek Yoghurt, Cucumber, Garlic & Vinegar
£ 04.50
Homemade Hummus
Blended Chickpea, Tahini, Olive Oil, Garlic & Spices
£ 04.50
Greek Spicy Cheese Dip
£ 04.50
Aubergine Salad
Smoked Aubergine, Blended Garlic, Lemon Juice & Herbs
£ 04.50


Greek Side Salad
Rice Basma
Roast Potatoes
Thyme, Oregano & Olive Oil
£ 03.50
Chunky Chips
Mashed Potatoes
Vegetable Medley

From the Grill

Chicken Souvlaki
Marinated Chicken Breast, Served on Skewers with PIta Bread, Homemade Tzatziki & Chips
£ 13.95
Lamb Chops
Grilled Marinated Lamb Chops, Served with Roasted Potatoes, Mavrodafni Sauce & Grilled Vegetables
£ 17.95
Pork Shoulder Souvlaki
Marinated Pork Shoulder, Served on Skewers, Pita Bread, Vegetables, Homemade Tzatziki & Chips
£ 13.95
Served with Pita Bread, Grilled Tomato, Yoghurt-Tahini Sauce & Chips
£ 13.95
Grilled Chicken Supreme
Marinated Grilled Chicken Supreme, Served with Mustard Sauce, Rice & Vegetable Mix
£ 15.95
Fillet Steak
Served with a Choice of Peppercorn or Mushroom Sauce and Chips or Mashed Potatoes
£ 26.95
Anemos Mixed Grill
Variety of Marinated Grilled Meats (Chicken Souvlaki, Lamb Chops, Greek Sausage, Keftedes) Grilled Vegetables, Served with Chunky Chips, Homemade Tzatziki & Pita Bread
£ 39.95
Ribeye Steak
Served with a Choice of Peppercorn or Mushroom Sauce and Chips or Mashed Potatoes
£ 24.95


Whole Seabass with mix of vegetables, CHips & Sauce, Olive Oil, Lemon & Mustard
£ 17.95
Served with Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables & Sauce, Olive Oil, Lemon & Mustard
£ 17.95

Traditional Greek Dishes

A Delicious Traditional Greek Recipe for the Juiciest and Tender Aromatic Lamb Shank with Roast Potatoes & Mavrodafni Sauce
£ 18.95
Greek Style Green Beans with Vegetables, Cooked in Tomato Sauce with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Served with Pita Bread
£ 11.95
Authentic Greek Dish with Layers of Minced Beef & Sliced Vegetables, Topped with Bechamel Sauce & Served with Greek Salad
£ 15.95
Beef Stifado
Chunks of Tender Beef, Stew Cooked with Shallots in Red Wine Sauce, Served with Chips
£ 15.95
Giant Beans Baked in a RIch Tomato Sauce, Served with Pita Bread
£ 10.95


Chocolate Brownies
With fruit, chocolate or ruby
£ 04.50
With honey or chocolate
£ 05.50
Ice Cream Scoop
Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry
£ 02.50
With Honey walnut and cinnamon or blackberry
£ 04.00
Creme Brulee
Lemon Passe
With caramel, strawberry or lemon
£ 04.50

Kids Menu

Chicken Burger Meal
1 mini chicken burger, served with french fries
1 Mini Brownie or 1 scoop of ice cream
1 Juice
£ 05.99
Spaghetti Meal
Spaghetti with marinara sauce
1 Mini Brownie or 1 scoop of ice cream
1 Juice
£ 05.99
Beef Burger Meal
1 mini beef burger, served with french fries
1 Mini Brownie or 1 scoop of ice cream
1 Juice
£ 05.99
Meatballs Meal
2 Meatballs
1 Mini Brownie or 1 scoop of ice cream
1 Juice
£ 05.99
Chicken Fingers Meal
4 chicken fingers, served with french fries
1 Mini Brownie or 1 scoop of ice cream
1 Juice
£ 05.99
Fish Fingers Meal
4 fish fingers, served with french fries
1 Mini Brownie or 1 scoop of ice cream
1 Juice
£ 05.99

Bar Catalog

White Wines (Greek)

Retsina Malamatina
Traditional Appellation
£ 11.95
Makedonikos, Tsantali
Safeguarding a 2.300 year old Macedonian tradition, Makedonikos wine proudly carries on a unique heritage. The fresh grapes offeran exquisite palette of vibrant aromas and distinctive taste.
£ 26.95
Avarino, Nestor (& Rose)
Dry white wine. It is a pleasant wine with pale yellow colour. It has a delicate aroma of citrus fruits, balanced taste and a long-lasting aftertaste.
£ 21.95
Moschofilero, Greek Cellars
Moschofilero is an aromatic white grape of Greek origin with a pink/purple skin an d quite spicy flavour with a good acidity. Grown throughout much of Greece and primarily in Peloponnese where it is traditionallyused to make a dry and bold wine with much spice and perfume.
£ 28.95
Apelia, Greek Cellars (& Rose)
Dry white wine from vineyards in the Aticca-Viotia wine regions. A pale yellow colour with leafy hues; a fresh, clear and delicate aroma touched by notes of lemon and orange; a crisp, youthful and fruity lon-lasting aftertaste.
£ 23.95
Hatzimichalis, Alfega
This stylish and elegant white dry wine from Sauvignon Blanc, Malagousia and Robola grapes is nurtured in Atalanti Valley,. Fresh white fruit aromas with notes of citrus, harmonic, well balanced with fine aftertaste and structure.
£ 34.95
Kouros, Patra, Rhoditis
The light, fresh and well balanced wine is produced from the Rhoditis grape which grows in vineyards on the north facing foothills near Patra.
£ 24.95

Red Wines (Greek)

Avarino, Nestor
Dry red wine, it is a full bodied wine with an intense purple colour and velvety taste and long-lasting aftertaste, it is well balanced with soft tannins and an attractive bouquet of red fruits.
£ 21.95
Kouros, Nemea
A ruby red wine with a full body and delicate aroma. Matches with red meat and piquant cheese.
£ 29.95
Apelia, Greek Cellars
A red dry wine produced from Agiorgitiko grapes from vineyards in Nemea, Corinthia and Syrah from Viotia in central Greece. A ripe cherry tinged with violet; a pleasant aroma reminiscent of red fruit, with the slightest hint of spices; full-bodied and satisfying in the mouth, with a long-lasting pleasant aftertaste.
£ 23.95
Naoussa Boutari
First bottled in the 20th century, continuing its centennial history in the Greek wine society as the absolut imprint of xinomavro grape variety.
£ 29.95
Makedonikos, Tsantali
Safeguarding a 2.300 year old Macedonian tradition, Makedonikos wine proudly carries on a unique heritage. The fresh grapes offeran exquisite palette of vibrant aromas and distinctive taste.
£ 26.95
Hatzimichalis, Alfega
From vineyards in Atalanti Valley, the grape varieties Cabernet Franc, Cabernet SAuvignon and Merlot give this well-balanced wine with complex bouquet and rich long-lasting aftertaste. Matured in ideal conditions in cellar.
£ 34.95
Agiorgitiko, Nemea
A ruby red wine with a full body and delicate aroma. Matches with red meat and piquant cheese.
£ 28.95

White Wines

Pinot Bianco, Borgo San Leo
Dry, delicate and fresh on the palate. Notes of ripe golden apples on the nose, underlinedby sweet nutty notes.
£ 18.95
Chardonnay Reserva
Elegant and expressive with aromas of tropical fruit, such as pineapple, with soft notes of vanilla and dried fruits. Good body with delicious acidity.
£ 25.95
Chablis, Antoine Geoffroy
Fresh, well-balanced and lively wine, with mineral and fioral notes.
£ 46.95
Sauvignon Blanc, Du Toitskloof
Gooseberry, lychee and guava aromas on the nose with a hint of asparagus. Well-balanced, smooth with a crisp finish.
£ 22.95
Viura & Tempranillo
A refreshing white rioja, displaying aromas of white flowers, fruit compote and pineapple. Light and fresh on the palate, with notes of pear and citrus fruits. Good acidity combined with expressive falvours.
£ 26.95
Pinot Grigio, Zonin Ventiterre
Lightly dry, extremely fresh, delicately fruity and well-balanced
£ 22.95
Sauvignon Blanc, The Duke
Aromatic with a blend of elderflower, passionfruit, lime zest and fresh herbs. Refreshing and dry finish.
£ 29.95
Apulo Fiano Moscato
The fruity and fioral notes on the nose follow perfectly on the palate
£ 23.95
Gavi di Gavi, Cossetti
Fresh, persistent aroma with hints of fioral and fresh fruit. Pleasantly dry, crisp and harmonious.
£ 35.00

Red Wines

Sangiove, Borgo San Leo
Dry flavour, medium body, full and persistent taste with a light grass background.
£ 18.95
Malbec, Proemio
Enticing aromas of red fruit, cherries and plum. Medium bodied with a velvety texture and a long persistent finish revealing its full potential.
£ 24.95
Sasseo Primitvo
Full bodied wine with notes of blackberries, backed riped fruit, spices and soft tannins.
£ 29.95
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
A full bodied wine with hints of ripe fruit, cherry and cocoa followed by peppery notes on the finish.
£ 21.95
Chianti DOCG, Zonin Classici
Elegant scents of violets and wild berries. Dry, full bodied and well-balanced with fruits.
£ 25.95
La Sacristie, Cure Fronsac
This medium bodied wine, is a lustrous garnet red in the glass, with a vibrant and complex nose of red currant, preserved cherry, dried red and black plums.
£ 46.95
Pinotage, Du Toitskloof
Medium bodied wine with cherries and ripe red berry flavours and hints of spice. Smooth with a sweet oaky vanilla aroma in the finish.
£ 22.95
Tempranillo, Sancho Garces
On the nose the wine has aromas of fresh red fruit and liquorice. This is a clean, fruit forward and easy to drink Rioja with soft tannins.
£ 27.95
Cabernet Sauvignon, Du Toitskloof
This full bodied red wine displays aromas of blackcurrant, cassis and spices. Smooth and rich on the plate with dry tannins and a long finish.
£ 23.95
Merlot, Ca Bolani, Friuli Aquileia
On the nose, scents of ripe blackcurrants, strawberries and blueberries. This is an elegant wine with spicy notes on the palate and delicate tannins.
£ 28.95

Rose Wines

Tempranillo Rose
Dry flavour, medium body, full and persistent taste with a light grassy background.
£ 19.95
Syrosa, Rocca di Montemassi
Enticing aromas of red fruit, cherries and plum. Medium bodied with a velvety texture and a long persistent finish revealing its full potential.
£ 34.95
Pinot Grigio Blush
A full bodied wine with hints of ripe fruit, cherry and cocoa followed by peppery notes on the finish.
£ 23.95
Monterey Bay Zinfandel Rose
Quite the most delicious wine, a racy mix of watermelon and cherry with a delectable sweetness, SWA commended.
£ 23.95
Zinzula Rose, Masseria
This full bodied wine displays aromas of blackcurrant cassis and spicies. Smooth and rich on the palate with dry tannins and a long finish.
£ 29.95


Carte Blanche Brut, Ellner
An elegant and subtle champagne, fresh and fruity with floral hints.
£ 49.00
Rose Brut, Charles Ellner
Intense aromas with hints of strawberry and developing intensively fruity aromas.
£ 55.00
Princes Blanc de Noirs, De Venoge
This champagne is characterized by its vinosity and aromatic richness without altering its freshness. Aromas of fresh red fruits and blackcurrant bring to this champagne blanc de noirs a beguiling character.
£ 100.00
Princes Rose, De Venoge
This cuvee develops aromas of red currant and strawberry highlighted with citrus. Marvelous for aperatif, this champagne is also delicious when served with lobster or salmon.
£ 100.00

Sparkling Wines

Prosseco DOC, Brut
Bright straw-yellow colour with delicate bubbles. Pleasantly fruity and well-balanced.
£ 28.00
Prosecco Rose DOC, Ca Bolani
Luminous pale pink, pleasantly fruity with notes of rennet apple and red fruits. A refreshing palate accompanied by floral notes of violet.
£ 29.00
Bonarda Vivace Oltrepa Pavese
Slightly fizzy. It displays notes of violets and black cherries on the nos. Dry, juicy and rich on the palate.
£ 29.00
Oltenero Pavese DOCG Brut
It displays intense mineral and fruity tones as well as scents of wisteria, elderberry, blackberries and citrus.
£ 39.95

Draught Lager & Beer

Portland American Ale
Dortmunder Bier
Birra Moretti

Draught Cider

Appleshed Dark Fruit
South-West Orchards Craft
Orchard Thieves

Draught Cocktails

Espresso Martini
Passionfruit Martini
Pink Gin Martini


Smirnoff Ice
Old Mout Cider Kiwi & Lime
Corona Extra
Stella Artois
Heineken 0% Alc
Bulmers Cider Crushed Red Berries & Lime
Old Mout Berry & Cherries
Bulmers Cider Original
Crabbies Ginger Beer
Old Mout Strawberry & Pomegrate
South-West Orchards Low Alcohol


Black Cow
Absolut Vanilla
Ketel One


Captain Morgan Dark
Ron Zacapa
Captain Morgan Spiced
Old J Cherry
Old J Dark
Old J Spiced
Old J Tiki Fire 151


Famous Grouse
Bulleit Bourbon
Johnny Walker Black
Jack Daniel's


Courvoisier Cognac
Metaxa 5 Star
Metaxa 7 Star


Gordon's Sicilian
Agnes Arber
Tanqueray No 10
Arber Rhubarb
Mermaid Pink
Gordon's Mediterranean Orange
Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla
Empress 1908
Whitley Neill Raspberry
Gordon's Pink
Tanqueray Rangpur
Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger

Spirits & Liquers

Ouzo Babatzim
Tsipouro Babatzim
Silver Patron Tequila
Archer's Schnapps Peach
Martini Fiero
Don Julio Tequila
Martini Extra Dry
Tsipouro Babatzim
Black Sambuca
Ouzo 12
Tsipouro Babatzim
Classic Sambuca
Having honeymooned in Athens, celebrating our anniversary it seemed right to try this place. The food was 1st class. I never usually finish my meal but I cleared my plate. Ordering chicken is a risk, usually overcooked, but not here. Tender, succulent and delicious. Fabulous meal, fabulous experience, not too expensive. Thank you Armand, not forgetting Charlie our waiter!
Ann Poate
Excellent family restaurant we visited here on the last night of our holiday there were 5 adults and 3 children. They made us very welcome straight away and with immediate service for drinks then quickly took our order for food . We weren't disappointed the food arrived in good time bringing the children's meals with our starters. The quality of the food was excellent and plentyful I would highly recommend anyone to visit here if you enjoy a good atmosphere. Great service and authentic Greek food. ❤️
Excellent food The calamaris were crisp and not over cooked The Feta pastry was a perfect blend of honey and filo pastry. Our mains were freshly cooked and well seasoned The best meal we have had in Dorset and will definitely be returning for seconds!!!
Jennifer Shallop
It was our anniversary and we had been on a boat trip , getting back to Poole Harbour at about 3pm we were hungry and saw this restaurant. What a delight , great food, good wine and best of all the young staff members were so lovely. I appreciate the restaurant was not busy with customers however the staff were busy getting ready tables for the evening reservations of which there were many. Often we have encountered surly unresponsive youngsters serving tables in restaurants, this was such a pleasure to meet bright engaging young people. A great team the owner should be proud of.
  • Monday17:00 PM - 23:00 PM
  • Tuesday - Sunday13:00 PM - 23:00 PM

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